Monday, September 4, 2017

Pregnancy Memes

Here are some memes I found really funny all related to pregnancy or parenthood, of course.

This one is so so true! I remember, with Tan, not even being able to go pee because she would be fast asleep, wanting to kill the person that rang the doorbell and when I switched off the doorbell, they would keep knocking at the door and no escape from THAT

Haha! This one....I used to get very angry at his mother and relatives and his side of the visitors remarking that the baby looks exactly like him. 
I actually peeked first at Tanvi's nose when she was first shown to me by the doctors immediately after the delivery. I wanted her to have Sathya's nose and my hair. I had prayed for it!! Her nose is not as great as Satty's but not as bad as mine either. She did get my hair and not Sathya's, thank God for that. 

Oops! This never happened with Tan but well, never say never! The new one just might!!
Get the baby out of me ....hehe! Will get there soon enough!