Saturday, December 9, 2017

Shopping for Baby

Do you remember the first thing you bought for your child? I don't remember for Tanvi because I didn't buy anything while she was still in my womb. Back then, I neither had the time nor the interest to do any shopping.  
But for this baby, this was the first thing we bought.  It was in Big Bazaar, Hebbal. This was in Oct when I was  still 5 months pregnant. We were casually strolling across the aisles in BB and stopped at the kids section. Frankly, the boys section is so boring. Just t-shirts and pants. The girls section is SO tempting. Just to dress the baby in all those fancy clothes, we feel to have another baby girl. Sathya was very keen on shopping for 'something'. So we picked this one - just like that. 

Last time, I had not bought a single thing while I was pregnant. On the day of the delivery, it was Sathya who had rushed to the nearest shop and bought few essential items for immediate use.  

Once this tiny piece came home, the shopping bug bit me. I logged onto to Amazon and picked up all random stuff including baby powder, soap, diaper and this carrying bag. And Tanvi was carrying around the bag as if the baby was already in it! Even while watching TV, she would hold it in her arms and cradle it. 

I am onto my 8th month now and we still don't know if it is a boy or a girl but we continue to pick up boy tees!