Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Rutvi - Day One

Rutvi was born at 3:16 p.m. 

Tanvi's school would leave at 3:30 p.m. When she left for school in the morning, she had no idea she would return to see her baby sister. We got her picked up in a cab and brought straight to the hospital. She was in her school uniform. 
She was beaming when she saw the baby. Her hands were steady as she held her - quite surprising for an 11 year old. 

I have heard of adults being fearful of taking a new born in their arms. They are either plain scared to touch a new born or afraid they might hurt or concerned that they might pass germs or an infection. 

Tanvi was confident from day one.
Rutvi's Day 2 - thinking pose. The way her index finger is on her cheek! What was she thinking? 
All of us were pleasantly surprised to see her head full of hair - long, straight, black, silky. Tanvi didn't have this much hair when she was born. Rutvi came after a full 40 weeks, Tan 37 weeks. That could be a reason. I have read that acid re-flux during pregnancy causes hair growth. I did have acid re-flex but just the usual amount. Quite a normal occurrence during pregnancy. Nothing worrisome. So wonder how she has such a good hair growth. 
Her picture with her father
On day one, no one remembered to click a pic of the baby with her mother! Not even on day two, day three......and so on. A friend had rightly commented on Facebook that the person is charge of keeping the memories is seldom photographed. It took a month for the father-daughter duo to realize the mother too needs a pic taken with her darling.

Baby Feet

Different people love different things about a new born baby. Some love the smell, some the mouth, some the skin, some the bald head, some the eye, some hands, some the tummy.

Sathya loves the smell of baby skin, the smell of powder on them, the smell of milk. He used to keep smelling Tanvi saying, "haal haal vaasne" "My milk baby". 

I love baby feet. This time I actually captured a picture of Rutvi's tiny feet. Tiny, soft, fleshy, smooth...I am falling short of adjectives to describe them. There is nothing as sweet as tiny little baby feet.

No matter what the color of the new born baby is, what the race, the weight...the feet are always beautiful ... of every baby.

Rutvi has the exact toes and fingers of her father. Her finger nails grow SO fast that I have to cut it every week and the toenails so SLOW that I can leave them alone for more than 2 weeks - exactly like her dad. 

When people tell you that they feel overwhelmed when babies hold their fingers, it is true. It is an amazing feeling. Rutvi, even as a month old infant, would easily hold Sathya's big, fat fingers. She took a while to hold mine and I would be so jealous! I would complain to him, "How can she not hold my slender fingers but can hold your fat ones even in her sleep?" 

When I first held her and saw her fingers, I was really surprised at the resemblance with Sathya's. It was like I was looking at his miniature hand. I have short, square fingers. Both my daughters have his fingers - long,  slender, pointed. They say people with such fingers tend to be artistic. Mine are those of people who help. I have been so tempted to paint Rutvi's finger nails. I am sure they will look great. 

Babies take so long to open their palm. For the first quarter after their birth, their fists are mostly clenched. Once they learn they have fingers and the fingers move and do stuff like touching and grabbing objects around them and bringing them to their mouths, it is a beautiful discovery - for the baby AND the parent who is proudly watching her every move.