Thursday, January 25, 2018


Sitting here, waiting and wondering, when the baby will choose to make its appearance. The movements are still strong and we can actually see the skin stretching, extending. Sometimes, can feel and actually "see" the head sticking out and sometimes, the limbs. Most times, can feel the hardness of the body inside. All I can do now it wait. Wait for him to choose his time and day. Today is 25th Jan. I wish he chooses 28th Jan or 1st Feb - both number 1 dates. And sometimes, I just want him to come out right away. Enough carrying this heavy package around and struggling to sleep comfortably.

Was looking at some of these parenting related images and smiling. Have a look.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

23rd Jan 2018

Can this be true? Research says so! 

 This toh is true, I think.
And this one below. It is just that human love for its offspring is far over-rated. Thanks to our gift of language and hence the ability to express emotions in words? Maybe.
No matter which species, childbirth is an excruciating experience.

I remember, with Tanvi, the pain of the contractions was killing. I was screaming like a mad woman. At that point in time as the pain hits you every five minutes or so, all you want is for the hell to end. I can understand why some women choose to go for the C-section. 
But even now my thoughts don't let me consider C-section as an option. This time too I want to try my 200% for normal vaginal delivery. One reason is faster recovery, less dependence on others and another reason is the cost factor. At Lakshmi Maternity which is not one of those fancy, branded, corporate show-biz kind of a hospital, the charges for normal versus Cesarean deliveries are Rs 40,000/- and Rs 80,000/- respectively. That's a straight jump! Can't afford!