Monday, September 4, 2017

Pregnancy Memes

Here are some memes I found really funny all related to pregnancy or parenthood, of course.

This one is so so true! I remember, with Tan, not even being able to go pee because she would be fast asleep, wanting to kill the person that rang the doorbell and when I switched off the doorbell, they would keep knocking at the door and no escape from THAT

Haha! This one....I used to get very angry at his mother and relatives and his side of the visitors remarking that the baby looks exactly like him. 
I actually peeked first at Tanvi's nose when she was first shown to me by the doctors immediately after the delivery. I wanted her to have Sathya's nose and my hair. I had prayed for it!! Her nose is not as great as Satty's but not as bad as mine either. She did get my hair and not Sathya's, thank God for that. 

Oops! This never happened with Tan but well, never say never! The new one just might!!
Get the baby out of me ....hehe! Will get there soon enough!

Sunday, September 3, 2017


1st September 2017 entry:

So who is greater? The mother that gives birth or the one that raises the child? The one who does both is the greatest. But otherwise, definitely the mother that raises the new born baby is greater. Remember Lord Krishna's foster mother Yashoda? Nine months in the womb is nothing compared to the countless hours spent caring for a child that is not your own, that is helpless and dependent on you for everything.

In Tanvi’s case, God had sent me an angel. I was nearing the end of my 3 months maternity leave from work and I had still not been able to get a babysitter and I was close to having to quit my job.

M-I-L didn't want to take care of the baby, her own granddaughter. Imagine a woman who didn’t even come to the hospital to see the baby when she was born! Sathya fell at her feet to come and see. Their house was just 15 minutes walk from the hospital. Tanvi is the first girl in their family, the first daughter of her first son, the first grandchild of the house, the “Lakshmi’of the house as we Hindus say. 

For a week after the delivery, we had to stay at the in-laws place. The baby's naming ceremony was done there. And immediately after, we went back to our rented house. Not once in that one week, did either of the grandparents pick up Tanvi in their arms and cuddle her. M-I-L would sometimes uncover her blanket to show her to visitors, find that she had wet herself and put the blanket back on without even changing it. Is this what you do to your own blood?! 

God took a few things away from me. I didn’t have a mother and M-I-L was a monster-in-law. But He in his mercy compensated me three-fold. He gave me Vanaja who was so “motherly” and took such good care of Tanvi, from the time she was three months to 1 year 8 months old, that I am forever and ever indebted to her. Without Vanaja, she would not have been as healthy, strong and happy a baby as she was. Thank you God for always taking care of me in things that really matter.

Vanaja was actually the second babysitter. She had initially refused to take Tan as she already had another 3 year old child in her care who she had raised from infancy too. I had no choice but to settle for a babysitter who had few other grown up kids but no infant and was ok with taking on Tanvi. On the first day, I left her in this house, on the way to work. My house was ten minutes walk from the management college where I worked as a Soft Skills Trainer. When I returned at 11 a.m to feed the baby, I was asked to go to the next room, where the baby was kept. 

The room was really small with a bed that covered the entire space. Tanvi was not on the bed! Where was she?! She was under the bed!! I was shocked. My heart sank! I fed her, holding her tightly to my bosom, crying and saying sorry for having put her through this. Then, I placed her back in the same spot, walked back to the college, through the busy Malleshwaram roads, crying, people in the shops and passers-by, all staring at me. But I was a zombie. The body was moving forward but the soul was left behind with the baby, who was lying under a bed, like an abandoned child. 

This continued for a few days. I took an axe, chopped my heart into a thousand pieces and everyday, every single day, left Tanvi, again, at the same babysitter, to be left under the bed. I couldn’t discontinue this babysitter. If I did, I would have had to quit my job. And I couldn't leave the job. What would we eat? Sathya had started working but the money went for his drinks, cigarettes and parties; the salary never came home. Also, we stayed in a rented house, how would I pay the rent? 

And then a miracle happened. I remember my colleague Aarti Mam’s words, “Every child is born with his own luck.” I think it’s true. Vanaja’s son Shrikant apparently convinced his mother to take Tanvi and let go of the other child. I believe he told her, “This aunty is really nice. Help her.” And she was with Vanaja from that day on. 
Shrikant (with the cam), Vanaja and her husband Mr. Benegal

Tanvi is a lucky child. She got two mothers. 

This story, of a mother's struggle, is the story of countless women all over the world. It is neither new nor rare. Many women juggle a home and an office, sometimes to build a family and a career, and sometimes to survive, to carry on, and yet, many times, just to be able to feed themselves and be alive for the next day.